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Israel with Mark Madeley

Mark Madeley has been leading tours to Israel since 1997 and it remains an absoulte passion,  Mark likes nothing more than showing people the Land and helping them to understand what God's plans for Israel and the Jewish People are about, as well as helping people to understand historidcal confliccts and how the non-Jews have their place in the plan of God too.

In additoin to the itinerary there will be a chance to visit an ambualnce station as Mark is President of Christian Friends of Magen David Adom (the name of the ambulance service) and VIce President of Magen David Adom UK.  The ambuilance service is a shining example of cooperation between all people, whatever their religion or background.  This helps us to understand the plans of God overall.

No questions are silly ones on these tours and you will find that being there will help you slot things into place scripturally.  It is no overstatement to say that the Land of Israel is a textbook to accompany the Scriptures.

Mark is also very keen to take people whio have been before as a mixed group offers great diversity and a chance to learn from one another.

In addition to Mark's leadership and vast experience, there will be a fully licensed and properly trained guide to ensure that everything is covered in full, although people are able to dip out and be on their own from time to time.  In other words, you do not need ot listen to eery word the guide says.!!


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