Consult an Expert & Bring Israel Here

Why not bring Israel here to your Church or meeting?

MIB Travel is partnered with a whole range of professionals in their field and we can arrange a live video presentation with any one or more of them so that your Church or gathering can listen to an expert and ask questions.

Each seminar has an associated cost.  If you book more than one, we can reduce the cost on a sliding scale - the more seminars, the cheaper they are.  The cost of that seminar can be refunded against a tour in the next three years.

Our experts include:

  • Archaeologists who can give you an archaeological or historical presentation on a particular sites / various sites.  You can choose the place(s).
  • Licensed guides.  We have a whole list of guides who can arrange a virtual visit to Israel, focusing on one site, a few sites or a virtual pilgrimage.
  • Historians.  You can choose the area of presentation.
  • Political experts.  Want to know more about the political history of Israel or the political situation.  Why not ask a local expert.

Each of these presentations is guaranteed to be done by a professional with the appropriate experience and provides a cost effective way of bringing an expert diredctly to you.

Call 01934 620156 or email for details.


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