Israel & Jordan May 2022

If you have ever wanted to visit Israel and Jordan in one go, then this is the tour for you.  

Andrew Corke & Chris Tebbutt are highly experienced leaders hwo have led a number of successful tours to Israel in the past and we are pleased to recommend them to you for this one.  They bring with them a wealth of experience.

Their invitation follows:

Andrew & Chris (above) write:

At some stage every Christian needs to experience the Holy Land – which comprises both Israel and Jordan - to visit the places where Jesus’ ministry (and so much of the key Bible events) took place is almost to relive them yourself. And we have found Shoresh to be wonderful companions on the journey. Shoresh guides combine a firm faith in the truth of the Bible with an extraordinary knowledge of the background and culture of the biblical events. What sets Shoresh apart is that they are firmly rooted in a Jewish background to the New and Old Testaments so give a unique perspective, both Jewish and Christian, which other tour guides cannot offer.

This time we are starting off exploring the Judean Desert - we’ll see the breath taking En Avdat and the Zin Canyon (where Moses struck the rock) - then move to the Dead  Sea  for  a  swim.  We’ll  visit  the world Heritage Site of Masada, then Jericho and the place of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan - with an opportunity to renew our baptism.

Then we’ll stay in Galilee in a landscape is almost unchanged since the time of Jesus - a trip on the Lake and visits to Nazareth and Capernaum where he grew up and lived.  We hope to include a visit to Samaria to visit Shiloh where the Tabernacle was pitched in the times of Joshua and Judges.  We will take in Caesarea where Paul was imprisoned.

Then it’s on to Bethlehem and Jerusalem - we stay in Christchurch guesthouse right inside the Old City.

Most of us will also then go on to Jordan where we will visit the ‘rose red’ city of Petra, the Wadi Rum (where the movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ was filmed) and Mount Nebo, where Moses was given a final glimpse of the Promised Land.  And as well as visiting some remarkable places, we will be staying in some truly beautiful hotels - this trip really will be the trip of a lifetime. The Holy Land gets into your blood - once you’ve been you want to go back again and again. Which explains why many of the travellers who came with us on previous trips will be coming back in 2022. The Jewish people have a saying - 'Next year in Jerusalem’. Will you join us?



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